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July 27, 2023

If you’re a volleyball player who frequents drop-in games, leagues or tournaments then you’re likely familiar with the skill level issue that is common at most volleyball runs. Volleyball games are typically centred around skill level, from Recreational to Advanced, and at these games, there might be a player or player that isn’t at the same skill level as everyone else. Having a skill level discrepancy at a game not only reduces the quality of that game for all players but also creates a range of safety issues, because of this, Javelin has decided to tackle the skill level issue in Toronto’s competitive volleyball scene head-on. 

Javelins Implied Volleyball Team Rating is an adaption of the Elo Rating System that is commonly used in competitive chess. The goal of this rating system is to assign an implied rating to all volleyball players in the Greater Toronto Area at competitive leagues and tournaments, these ratings can then be used at future matchups or drop-in games as a determining factor in a player's skill level. 

How Does the Javelin Volleyball Team Elo Score Work? 

The premise of the Javelin Volleyball Team Elo Score is simple yet effective. All teams begin with an estimated Elo score (also called a rating). As they compete, this score fluctuates, up for a win and down for a loss. Over time, the system gets a pretty accurate measure of a team's proficiency. Now, let's say you're part of a competitive volleyball team in Toronto, your team’s Elo would pair you with another team whose skill level is similar to yours, ensuring you get the most out of every game.

Volleyball is all about having a good time, but mismatched teams are not fun for anyone on the court, and in some cases can even be unsafe. But with the Javelin volleyball elo system in play, this scenario becomes less likely. The system balances games by aligning teams of similar Elo ratings against each other, creating an atmosphere where both semi-competitive and competitive teams can thrive and improve their game.

A Rating System for Teams & Players

You might be thinking “How can we rely on a team's rating score if the team is constantly switching players?”, cue the implied individual rating!

Volleyball is a team game, thus, team rating is all that matters. However, to make it easier to estimate a team’s starting elo, we are rolling out an implied individual rating!

Your implied rating is taken from the average elo of your most recent teams. It is private and will be used to give new teams you join a more accurate starting Elo.

‍Over time, our goal with this implied rating system is to make it easier for everyone in the volleyball community to join or organize games with teams of a similar rating.

Reminder! Our focus on the rollout of this system is to make it easier to pair teams of similar skill levels together. Over time, we may add additional functionality around leaderboards, drop-in skill levels, team-based drop-ins, or other forms of competitive volleyball. Stay tuned and see you on the court!

Why is a player's rating Implied? Individual elo isn't more than a general overview and likely won't be a good indicator of how strong a player is. For example, many volleyball players specialize in 1 or 2 roles and if they play outside of those roles, they can struggle. Thus, a player could be strong in some areas but not in others, so it’s important to note that the player’s rating may not be as accurate of a reflection of skill as the team rating.

While the rating system was initially designed to be exclusively for teams, the implied aspect of this system will allow for individual players to receive a score based on their performance in teams, thus ensuring that players are joining teams of similarly skilled players and facing off against opponents that will keep the game fun & challenging. 

The Implied Volleyball Elo Score & The Future of Volleyball in Toronto

But what does this mean for the future of volleyball in Toronto? The application of the Implied Volleyball Elo Score is not only bringing more balance to the game, but it's also promoting a culture of inclusive and fun competition. From advanced teams looking for challenging opposition to intermediate squads seeking to level up their game, the Implied Volleyball Elo Score is making volleyball more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the GTA.

‍The Volleyball Team Rating System will prove to be a game-changer in Toronto's volleyball landscape. Its thoughtful, Elo-inspired approach ensures that whether you're playing at an advanced, semi-competitive, or recreational level, every game you participate in will be a thrilling test of your skill. So, whether you're looking for a competitive edge or simply seeking some fun in the recreational volleyball scene, rest assured that the Implied Volleyball Elo Score has you covered. Get ready to embrace a new era of volleyball in the GTA, where every serve, every spike, and every block counts towards crafting the perfect game.

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