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Javelin Health Checklist

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Join nearby sports leagues based on location, sport, age, and more

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Join pick-up groups and meet sports enthusiasts in your local community


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Chat with your teammates and receive important game notifications

Track Scores

View team performance and history through scores and standings

Health Checklist

Avoid putting the players at risk by monitoring the players' health status



Basketball and Soccer Lover

"Thanks to Javelin I was able to find a community of people with the same interest and skill level."


Badminton Player

"I couldn't be happier that Javelin approached our company. My colleagues and I regularly use the app to arrange pick-up games after work."


Baseball Player

"Ever since my baseball league started using Javelin, my life has been so much easier. It's so simple to hop on the app, and instantly see what's going on with my team. 

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