"I used to play sports as a kid, but the
older I got, the less sports I played."

Who we are⁉️

Our mission is to unite the volleyball community and grow it, one game at a time! We know how awesome the volleyball community is, and we want to share our love of the sport with everyone! At Javelin, we have thought of everyone. New people looking to learn volleyball, beginners looking to improve their skills, and players looking to find competitive games within their skill level. Javelin hosts weekly games for various skill levels, fun competitive games for all to join, and also training sessions to help players expand on their skill levels!

Here at Javelin, we want to make volleyball the #1 played recreational sport not only in Ontario, but in the world by making its events easy to find, secure a spot and share with friends🔥

We pride ourselves for hosting high quality games with a friendly and welcoming community. Our community is our number one priority and we want to ensure everyone is having a fun time!

To do so, we continue to improve Javelin everyday through user feedback and community engagement, so that players are getting the smoothest experience possible. Playing volleyball should be stress free, and that's just what we promise!

Cofounders of the Javelin sports app to play drop in games, join leagues and book facilities in ontario

Javelin Founders📍

Growing up, Javelin Sports CEO Justin Ford was an avid sports player. He played soccer, rugby, did martial arts, skied and so much more. He attributes a lot of his personal growth and development to what he learned on the sports field. Coleman Chan, Javelin Sports COO, has a similar story. He was an avid sports player who participated in high school basketball and soccer competitively. In 2016, Justin and Coleman realized they weren’t playing sports as much as they did when they were kids. Some market research revealed to them over 75% of people face this same problem and so they created Javelin Sports to help fix this issue.

Through Javelin, Justin and Coleman have been able to re-enter the volleyball community. They now find themselves playing sports more than 3-4 times a week 🤩 They're hoping they can help other people get active and meet new people by joining the volleyball communities through Javelin as they themselves have.

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Why Javelin❗️

Javelin ensures its players enjoy a fun & clean volleyball experience with healthy competition.

Pickup games make it so players don't have to stick to strict schedules and can book for the days they're actually able to come out to. Training sessions allow players to expand on their skills, and tournaments lets players show off their skills and play in a more competitive environment.

Community is key with Javelin and there are dedicated group chats for each pickup game so players can interact with each other outside of the court.

When you come out to an event hosted by Javelin, we want you to feel like you're a part of a community, and not just showing up to a random pickup game.

Cofounders of the Javelin sports app to play drop in games, join leagues and book facilities in ontario

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