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How to play Volleyball Through Javelin

December 8, 2022

Finding people to play volleyball with can be difficult compared to other sports. One of the reasons we found on why that’s the case is that people's schedules can be very busy, making it difficult to find a time when everyone is available to play. Additionally, people may not live close to each other, which can make it difficult to arrange games or practices. Finally, people have different skill levels, which can make it hard to find a group of people who are all within the same skill level.

Fortunately, we made Javelin to solve all these problems and help you find volleyball games in your local area!

We host games in multiple locations across the Greater Toronto Area. Some of our most popular spots include Markham, Vaughan, and North York! To ensure that as many people can come out to play, we select times that can fit most people’s schedules, which is typically past 6 pm. We also create polls for selecting times the community prefers the most and book our courts accordingly.

We currently only have games located around the Greater Toronto Area, but as we grow, we have plans to open up in a city near you!

To ensure that each volleyball pickup game is high-quality and that everyone will have fun, we have 5 distinct skill levels for each of our games:

Beginner: Little to no volleyball experience - Javelin runs training sessions that are great for players at this level to get more comfortable with the game.

Novice: Comfortable passing and setting a volleyball. Games at this level tend to be about casual rallies.

Intermediate: Likes to run standard pass, set, and hit lines. Games at this level usually have the middle front player setting balls to their left and right.

Advanced: Games at this level are usually 5-1 offense and 6 front or back defense. You must understand these rotations if you're coming out for the safety of all of our players.

Expert: The knowledge of advanced players plus something extra (very skilled, athletic, or both).

Interested in Joining? Here’s how you can join one of our volleyball pickups today!

Step 1: Download Javelin and register your account!

Step 2: Click the Explore tab at the bottom to see volleyball games near you

Step 3: Click on the facility you want to join and book your spot by clicking the game details once you join the group at the top!

Looking for an easy way to find pickup volleyball games? Javelin is the easiest way to find volleyball pickups near you!

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