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Can you use your Feet in Volleyball?

May 31, 2024

Volleyball is a sport known for its fast-paced action, powerful spikes, and strategic plays. But one question that often pops up among enthusiasts and newcomers alike is: Can you use your feet in volleyball? The answer might surprise you. This article explores the rules, practical scenarios, and strategic advantages of using your feet in volleyball, making it a fun and engaging read for anyone interested in the sport.

The Official Rulebook

According to the official rules set by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), players are allowed to use any part of their body to play the ball. This includes the feet. While it’s more common to see players using their hands, arms, and occasionally their heads, using feet is perfectly legal and can be a strategic move in certain situations.

Practical Scenarios for Using Feet in Volleyball

  1. Desperation Saves: One of the most common situations where players use their feet is during a desperate attempt to keep the ball in play. When a ball is hit unexpectedly or out of reach, a quick kick can be the difference between saving the point and losing it.
  2. Improvised Defense: In beach volleyball, where diving and sliding are frequent, using feet can be an effective defensive maneuver. The sand provides a cushion, allowing players to kick the ball back into the air without risking injury.
  3. Blocked Shots: Occasionally, a spike or serve might be blocked and redirected in such a way that using feet is the fastest or only option to keep the ball in play.

Techniques for Using Feet in Volleyball

  1. Kicking the Ball: When kicking the ball, aim to use the instep or the inside of your foot for better control. Aiming towards a teammate who can set up the next play is ideal.
  2. Foot Digs: Similar to a regular dig but performed with the foot. This is often a reflexive move when a ball comes in low and fast, and you don’t have time to get your hands in position.
  3. Toe Pokes: A quick, sharp poke with the toe can redirect the ball upwards, giving your team a chance to recover and reset the play.

Training to Use Feet Effectively

  1. Foot-Eye Coordination Drills: Improve your foot-eye coordination with exercises like juggling a soccer ball or using a reaction ball to practice quick kicks.
  2. Agility and Flexibility Exercises: Agility ladders, dynamic stretching, and yoga can enhance your ability to react quickly and use your feet efficiently during a game.
  3. Practice Scenarios: During practice sessions, simulate scenarios where you might need to use your feet. This prepares you mentally and physically to incorporate this tactic during actual games.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Feet


  1. Unexpected Saves: Using feet can lead to spectacular saves that catch your opponents off guard and keep your team in the game.
  2. Enhanced Reach: Sometimes, your feet can reach a ball that your hands simply cannot, especially when you're out of position or the ball is low to the ground.
  3. Strategic Play: Introducing footplay adds an unexpected element to your game, potentially disrupting the rhythm of your opponents.


  1. Control Issues: Feet are generally less precise than hands, which can lead to erratic ball direction and potentially losing the point.
  2. Risk of Injury: Using feet, especially in indoor volleyball, increases the risk of injury if not done correctly. Ankles and toes are particularly vulnerable.
  3. Less Traditional: Since it’s not the primary method of playing volleyball, using feet might be frowned upon by purists or misunderstood by referees in amateur games.

Famous Foot Plays in Volleyball History

Several professional players have made headlines with their incredible foot saves. For example, during the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship, Serbian player Brankica Mihajlovic executed an astonishing foot save that kept her team in contention. These moments not only highlight the legality of using feet but also showcase the athleticism and quick thinking required to pull off such plays.

Mental Aspect: Staying Prepared for Foot Play

Volleyball is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Staying prepared and mentally agile can make a difference in whether you successfully use your feet in a game. Visualization techniques, where you imagine different scenarios and how you’d respond using your feet, can improve your readiness and reaction time.

Incorporating Feet Use in Team Strategy

Coaches and teams can integrate footplay into their overall strategy. Regular drills and encouraging players to think outside the box can make a team more versatile and resilient. Communication is key; teammates should be aware of each other's capabilities and be prepared for unexpected plays, including those involving feet.

So, can you use your feet in volleyball? Absolutely. While it’s not the primary method of playing the game, using your feet is a legal and sometimes strategic move that can keep the ball in play and even turn the tide in your favour. By understanding the rules, practicing techniques, and incorporating footplay into your training regimen, you can add a new dimension to your volleyball skills.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, don’t be afraid to kick things up a notch—literally. Embrace the versatility of volleyball and explore all the ways you can contribute to your team’s success, feet included.

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