4 Solo Drills for Recreational Volleyball Players

January 26, 2024

Volleyball, a sport celebrated for its team spirit and dynamic play, is not just for the court and team practices. Recreational players can also enhance their skills on their own, right in the comfort of their backyard or local park. Whether you’re looking to improve your serve, refine your passing, or just stay in shape, solo drills are an excellent way to keep your game sharp.

If you’re at the recreational level then you’re likely already well-versed with all of the basics of volleyball. The next step is to hone your skills, practice, and strive for the high recreational or intermediate level. This article will explore four fun and effective solo drills that every recreational volleyball player can use to take their game to the next level.

The Importance of Solo Practice in Volleyball

While volleyball is inherently a team sport, solo practice plays a crucial role in skill development. It allows you to focus on specific areas, work at your own pace and gives you the freedom to repeat drills as many times as needed. Solo drills are about creating a personal training environment that focuses on your individual growth as a volleyball player.

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Drill 1: Wall Hitting for Serving and Passing

Objective: Improve your serving and passing skills.


  • Find a solid wall (like the side of a gym or a concrete wall in a park) and mark a spot or area on the wall that represents the height of a volleyball net.


  • For Serving: Stand about 20-30 feet from the wall. Toss the ball up and hit it towards the marked spot on the wall. Aim for consistency in both your toss and your hit.
  • For Passing: When the ball rebounds off the wall, get into a passing stance and pass the ball back to the wall, aiming for the same spot.


  • Focus on form and consistency.
  • Adjust the distance from the wall based on your skill level.

Drill 2: Shadow Playing for Footwork and Movement

Objective: Enhance your footwork and movement on the court.


  • Use your backyard, a park, or any open space.


  • Visualize different volleyball scenarios (like approaching for a spike or moving to dig a ball) and shadow-play these movements.
  • Focus on your footwork, practice your approaches, defensive movements, and transitions from one position to another.


  • Use videos of professional players as a reference.
  • Concentrate on the fluidity and speed of your movements.

Drill 3: Balloon Tapping for Ball Control

Objective: Improve your ball control and reaction time.


  • All you need is a balloon.


  • Inflate a balloon and start tapping it with your hands, trying not to let it touch the ground.
  • Mix up your taps – use your fingertips (simulating setting), the back of your hand (simulating passing), and palm (simulating hitting).


  • This drill is about control, not power. Focus on gentle, controlled taps.
  • Challenge yourself by seeing how long you can keep the balloon in the air.

Drill 4: Serving Target Practice

Objective: Improve accuracy and power in serving.


  • Use a volleyball court or any open space where you can mark a serving line and targets.


  • Place targets (like a hoop or a marked area) in different zones of the court.
  • Practice serving from the baseline, aiming to hit the targets.


  • Vary the type of serve (underhand, overhand, float, etc.).
  • Keep track of your accuracy and try to improve over time.

Solo practice in volleyball is a fantastic way to enhance your skills and enjoy the game, even when you can’t get to the court with a team. These drills are designed to be fun, effective, and adaptable to your skill level. Remember, improvement comes with consistent practice, so grab your ball (or balloon), find a space, and start drilling! Volleyball is a journey of continuous learning and enjoyment, and solo practice is an integral part of that journey.

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