What Are the Most Popular Pick-Up Sports to Play in Toronto?

October 3, 2022

Pick up sports are great! You get to have some physical activity and spend some time with your friends, what’s better than that?

If you are ready to play some pick-up sports in Toronto, you have come to the right place. We are covering the most popular pick-up sports you can play this summer.


When the weather is this nice, it’s impossible to not go out and play ball. Toronto's basketball scene is huge and only growing. If you walk down any block in Toronto you’ll be able to find a court to play at. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

Some of the best places to play basketball include:

You can find more places to play pick up basketball in Toronto here!

If you're looking for some basketball drop in games to join weekly, we happen to have some on Javelin! We currently have games going on at King's Court in Etobicoke every Monday, but we're constantly adding more games every week. Download Javelin and join our basketball pick up group to join of our games today. If you're interested in seeing a pick up game created in a certain area, contact us today and we'll get one setup ASAP!


We might not be known for volleyball, but Canadians and especially Torontonians love volleyball. You can’t beat a good game of beach volleyball when the weather is just right, and when it’s too hot or cold, Toronto is filled with air-controlled indoor volleyball courts.

Some of our favorite places to play volleyball in Toronto are:

You can find more in-depth list of volleyball pick-up games here!

We also host weekly volleyball pick-up games in Markham at 4th Quarter Training! These games happen every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday with games separated for every skill level! If you want to join our games, download Javelin on your phone and join our Volleyball pick up group today! Our spots fill out fast, so make sure you book in advance!


Soccer or “Football” might just be the most popular sport in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular in Toronto. There are many different clubs and leagues that offer weekly games to people looking to join a casual soccer team, but Toronto has no shortage of indoor and outdoor soccer fields.

Here is a list of clubs and leagues that might be worth checking out


Now, this wouldn’t be a list of popular pick-up sports in Toronto without hockey. Toronto is located on the southern side of Canada, so it’s no surprise hockey made it on the list. Most rinks might be closed for the summer, but don’t worry, once that first leaf falls Toronto will be a hub of rinks you can book.

Here are our favorite hockey rinks and leagues in Toronto:

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