Volleyball Leagues in Toronto

September 20, 2022

Toronto is home to a variety of volleyball leagues - both indoor and outdoor, court or beach volleyball. Whether you are looking to lose calories, strengthen your muscles, improve your hand-eye coordination, or make some new friends - joining a volleyball league is a good idea for you.

Here is a list of leagues offered in Toronto:

Extreme Toronto Sports Club

XTSC offers some of the best prices in Toronto for adult court-volleyball leagues. Most of their locations are easily accessible through Toronto Transit and is available from Fall to Spring.

Source: http://www.xtsc.ca/page/coed-court-volleyball-toronto

Toronto Volleyball

“An indoor co-ed volleyball league for adults.” The games are held at local public schools located around Bayview & Eglinton, Bayview & Sheppard, and Lawrence & Avenue. Toronto Volleyball focuses a lot on building new friendships as they also have a tradition of going to the ‘Local Public Eatery’ for food and drinks after volleyball. Learn more on their website.

Source: http://www.torontovolleyball.com/


“Runs leagues and tournaments at recreational, competitive and elite levels, all year around in the Greater Toronto Area.” Having been established for 25 years, it is the largest volleyball community in Canada. Compete at your own level by registering on their website.

Source: http://www.outtahand.com/about-us/overview/

Leaside Volleyball

Their program is designed to “help kids learn a love of volleyball through fun and educational experience.” This league is specifically for youth, beginning in grade 5 to grade 12; there are three different divisions to choose from. The structure involves a skill development portion and a game play portion.

Source: https://www.leasidevolleyball.ca/general-info1.html

Beach Blast Leagues

Beach Blast operates all year round with both indoor and outdoor courts to offer – Toronto’s biggest indoor beach! They guarantee the summer-feeling even in Toronto’s harshest weather. All leagues offered are coed at different skill levels.

Source: https://beachblast.ca/volleyball/leagues/

Toronto Sport Social Club

Toronto Sport Social Club offers both court or beach volleyball (indoor beach) for adults. You can sign up with your friends or individually – they will find a place for you! Perks of being a member also includes discounts at venues, bars and no annual membership fee. Play some volleyball and enjoy some additional benefits.

Source: https://toronto.sportsocial.club

Off Limit Sports

With beach volleyball in the summer or indoor court volleyball in the colder seasons, Off Limit Sports has something for you. They match you with the team most fitting for you and your skills to give you the best possible experience. Find out more on their website.

Source: https://www.offlimitsports.com/coed-court-volleyball

North Beach Volleyball

North Beach provides “5 sessions of mixed 4’s and 6’s leagues every year.” They offer you a place to play beach volleyball competitively without any weather concerns.

Source: http://northbeachvolleyball.com/#leagues

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