6v6 Novice Volleyball

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8:00 - 10:00 PM
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4th Quarter Training
7261 Victoria Park Ave
Available to Book on Javelin

Additional Information

Comfortable passing and setting a volleyball. Games at this level tend to be about casual rallies.
- Volleyball Game at 4th Quarter Training in Markham
- Two teams of 6 on one volleyball court
- Cancellation policy in effect
- For ages 16+

Looking to Play Volleyball?

Searching for a volleyball pick up game? If so, you may have found the search for nearby volleyball games to be incredibly time consuming! It can be tiresome, confusing, and just leave you questioning it all! Will this pick up game be any good? What is the skill level? Do I have to call in to book? How many players can attend this game or training session? Can my friends come play? All these questions can lead to uncertainty, and will likely steer you away from actually playing volleyball. If you have found yourself in situations like these, look no further! The Javelin app is host to top volleyball games in Ontario; from volleyball beginner games to intermediate / advanced, and even volleyball training sessions for all skill levels, all available to book through Javelin. To reserve your spot, be sure to book and pay through Javelin.

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Volleyball pick up games on Javelin is the best way to play without having to commit to a league or a set game you have to attend every week! To reserve your spot, book a spot for the game you wish to attend, and that’s it! Wish to commit to more than one? Subscribe to be added to the game weekly, without having to go through the booking process again! The games run weekly, with reservations opening 6 days before each game, allowing players the flexibility of choosing which weeks to attend volleyball events nearby and which to skip.No matter where you are located, we are sure you will find a game near you!

Currently, Javelin runs Volleyball games in the following cities: Markham, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Scarborough, North York, Aurora, and Mississauga.

How to Book your Next Volleyball Game on Javelin!

Start by downloading the Javelin app (available on both the iOS Store and Play Store), sign up & go to the “Book” tab, find a game and book to reserve your spot.

That’s it you’re good to go! It’s that simple.

The Javelin app is also a great way to stay up to date on games, get chats going with teammates, and search for other sports which you may be interested in!

Wondering if your skill level does not match the game? No worries! We’ve got games for all skill levels, as well as volleyball training sessions available to help take your skills to the next level!

Do you have questions? Our support team is available to answer! Shoot us a message on the Javelin app or check out the Javelin community group on Javelin where you can find previous postings from the team! You can also contact us here.

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