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Co-Ed 4-2 Tiered Summer Volleyball League

Tiered League

Recommended Level Intermediate - High Intermediate

Game Info

7501 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan
Every Wednesday June 19 - Aug 21
8:00 - 10:00PM
$1460 per team after tax

Rated 4.7/5 from over 100+ reviews.
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The Javelin Summer Volleyball League will run for 10 weeks with games being played for 2 hour every Wednesday from 8pm - 10pm at the Woodbridge Sportsdome. Team captains are responsible for securing a spot for their team and distributing the cost among their players. All games will be refereed.

In order to ensure that the environment will be competitive and to establish player expectations, we will be screening team captains before they register their team.

$1460 per team after tax

Game Flow

🏐 2 full games (two sets per game) each week.

🏐 9 weeks of regular season + 1 week of playoff.

🏐 Sets will be up to 25 points, win by 2 to a cap of 30.

🏐 Games will finish when the four sets are completed, or promptly after the allotted time block of 120 minutes is over.

🏐 All games will be officiated by a referee.

Cash Prizes

Upper Tier winner: $400 Cash + Shirts + Javelin Badge

Lower Tier winner: $300 Cash + Javelin Badge

$50 in Javelin Credits to all participants (all participants must have a Javelin account)

Introducing the Volleyball Rating System

Javelin has developed an exciting rating system that allows competitive teams to compete and climb the volleyball leaderboards with real-time Elo changes.

What is Elo?

Elo is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess, basketball, or football.

How It Works

After the score of each game is input, the rating system will calculate and adjust your team's rating based on the win probability between the teams. Your final team rating will be adjusted once both teams have input the same scores for all 3 games. Only a set's Win/Loss would affect team's elo; Score doesn't affect elo.

This rating system was designed in order to match you with teams of similar Elo in order to ensure a more competitive experience.

The Rules

* No professional players are allowed. If you're unsure if this is you, please message us.

* All regular 6v6 indoor-volleyball rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.

* All attending players must be 18+.

* Nets will be set to coed height.

* Rally scoring will be used.

* Teams are allowed 6-12 players. Substitutions will be allowed at all times during the games, so long as the ball is not in play.

* A team will forfeit if they cannot field at least 4 players (2 men and 2 women) within 5 minutes after the game’s start time.

* Net touches are not allowed, however, hair touches are fine.

* A player may not touch the ground beyond the center line on their opponent's side of the court.

* If a ball hits the ceiling, any walls, or anything outside of the court it is considered a dead ball, and a point is awarded.

* All participating players must have a Javelin account

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