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Mobile app focused on health screening and growing your league

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long would the setup take?

Our web service, Zuluru, is a plugin that can attach to an existing website, or be setup with one of many available template websites. This flexible setup process ensures that your league will be up and running with minimal time or energy on your part. Our mobile app, Javelin, has several solutions to make setup easy on the part of the organizer. Additionally, if a league is using Zuluru, Javelin can be instantly setup for your league with no work on the part of the executives. Since no two leagues run the same, both Zuluru and Javelin can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

What kind of technical support do I get?

We know how stressful it can be to put out the fires that occur when running a sports league, so we pride ourselves on our customer support. Queries are typically handled in less than a day, often within minutes, 7 days a week.

What if I just go with Zuluru or Javelin, will I be able to add other services later on?

Both Zuluru and Javelin can act fully independently from each other. If you want to try one of them first to see if you like the service, go ahead!

Do you guys spam my players with emails?

We do not send marketing emails to your players. However, game reminders or messages will be sent when necessary to ensure players stay up to date with important information. Our treatment of your players is placed first and foremost in every action we take.

If my players can see other leagues on Javelin, don't I run the risk of losing my players to those leagues?

A player’s decision to return to a league for a new season is typically driven by their social connections in the league. If they already have friends in one of the leagues they’re playing in, we rarely see players switch leagues. With that said, if a player finds they aren’t fitting in to one of the organizations they’re playing for, we tend to see some league switching; however, this switching occurs regardless of whether they are on Javelin or not. The majority of our work within Javelin serves to minimize league switching by tightening a player’s relationship within their leagues, and to bring new players into your sports community.

If my players join Javelin, will they be able to see other leagues listed on your platform?

Every player on our platform can see the public leagues that we work with. With that said, every league that you see listed on Javelin also has their players on the app.