Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Athletes

1. Sports-Related Merchandise

An excellent gift for any athlete is to get them a jersey of their favourite players or teams, or other sports-related items. These can include various clothing items, T-Shirts, Sweaters, Socks, Hats or Scarfs. You could also look for other household items that display their favourite team, like cups, ornaments, blankets or pillows, just to name a few. Most Athletes love to show off what teams they cheer for, and you can provide them with that means this Holiday season with this suggestion.

2. Work Out Apparel

This entree is different than the number one entree. In the first one, we recommend casual clothing that someone could wear in everyday life. Instead, this entree is focused solely on clothes that they could wear when working out at the gym or going for a run. This can include typical workout clothes and other items, including head/sweatbands, shoes, and arm/leg sleeves.

3. Sports Equipment

Like with the entree above, the gift is more tailored for their actual athletics themselves. You can gift a piece of athlete equipment for their respective sport. If you choose this option, we recommend that you ask the recipient if they need new equipment. Do this so you do not give them something they already have or do not need.

4. Books

When not practicing or playing their sports, many athletes like to unwind and relax. There are various ways to do this, but reading a book is one of the most popular ones. There are various types of books that athletes like to read, but the three most popular are.

    a. Books about the history of the Sport or their favourite team

    b. Books by leading figures in their favourite sports

    c. Motivational Books

5. Home Gym Equipment

This entree is perfect for any athlete,

as having a set of weights or any gym equipment for use in their own home could benefit them greatly. It would allow them to get a workout from home, saving them the time and money to the gym cost. Potential gifts that fall under this category:

6. Wire-Less Headphones, or Speakers

Headphones, especially those of the wire-less variety or speakers, would also be an excellent gift for an athlete. A tool to allow them to listen to music while they are working out, or practicing, giving them that extra push or amount of motivation they may need to get the most out of their workouts.

7. Deodorants or Cologne

This is an outside pick and could be one that finds a lot of use by the recipient. Athletes workout often, and this can cause them to sweat and give them an odour. An excellent way to mask these odours is with deodorant or cologne. You can find out what brands they use or find a new one to switch up their style, but regardless it is a good gift for an athlete to have post-workout/exercise.

8. Motivational Posters

Motivational posters are a gift an athlete can hang in their rooms or their home gyms to help give them an extra push to go and complete a workout. The posters serve as a reminder for the athlete to continue to work hard and improve themselves and capable of so much. Also does not need to be a poster, but it could be a calendar or some other tool that shows them motivational messages.

9. Healthy Recipes/Cookbooks

A gift for an athlete that they would not expect but could put to fair use is a cookbook or a compilation of healthy recipes. This gift allows the athlete to prepare and cook healthy meals that will help grow and build upon the healthy lifestyle they are already living. This gift only works if the athlete you are gifting it to cook themselves, but it could also be used as the push needed to get them to start cooking for themselves.

10. Gift Cards

Gift Cards are an excellent gift for someone who is especially hard to shop for or refuses to give you a definite answer on what they want. A gift card gives the recipient the chance to buy what they want or what they need. There are several stores you can get them a gift card to that would suit their athletic lifestyle. These include:


In conclusion, there are many items you can get an athlete as a gift this Holiday Season. Above are what we at Javelin Sports have determined to be the top ten best gifts you can get for an athlete.

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