The Benefits of Having Pick-up Sports at the Workplace

The repercussions of not mitigating the stress your employees may have at the workplace can be detrimental. Negative stress can target all four states of health: physical, emotional, mental and social. Some of these symptoms include an increase in headaches, pains, difficulty concentrating, a rapid change in mood, and overall lower productivity.

Not only are these results extremely unhealthy for an individual, but they also impose a negative impact to the workplace. Ultimately, too much stress can cause an individual to make the final decision of resigning from their workplace.

An employee loss can become a major cost to an organization, which is why there is great importance in reducing the stress within the workplace before it gets out of hand. Did you know that approximately 25% of Canadians have resigned from their job due to the stress they could not cope with? (Dubé, 2017)

Consider implementing pick-up games in the workplace. There is an array of benefits that come from successfully incorporating this at your organization.

1. Reduces employee stress

The number one purpose of hosting a sporting event at your workplace is to provide employees with an opportunity to alleviate some stress they may be experiencing. Sports are an excellent alternative to just supplying an employee with gym memberships, as this way you can ensure that they are reaping the benefits. Physical activity directly links to helping with overbearing stress.

2. Increase employee interaction

It helps to create a bridge over a potential gap that may exist between individuals within the workplace. This gap is typically between employees and their higher authorities as they are usually separated within the workplace and are limited on their communication.

Having an office pick-up game helps to create a comfortable environment for employees to communicate outside of their work tasks and conversations. Talk about how you plan on winning! Or maybe how you have played this sport as a child. It increases the chance of building better relationships between individuals.

3. Create employee identity

Another benefit is providing employees with more autonomy - to take over their decisions and outcomes for once. Everyone sees each other eye-to-eye as opposed to who has a higher position in the organization hierarchy. Which means, for this to work out, all members must participate.

It also may help some employees feel greater recognition, as they may feel unnoticed during their work hours. This will encourage your employees to continue working hard as they see that the outcome of their hard work is appreciated.

4. Enhance the company culture

Improving the well-being of the employees will create a two-way effect, as employees will appreciate the organizations intentions. It shows that you care. The goal is to alleviate any possibilities of having a hostile environment – you want your employees to feel comfortable and happy to be a part of your organization.

Essentially you want your employees to have a positive connection with the organization through enjoyable experiences, to help with the overall cultural fit. And what's a better enjoyable experience than a sporting event?

5. Increase productivity

Increased productivity could also be a result from inspiring your employees through an office game. A break like this can often lead to some mental rest and epiphanies that may have been suppressed during stressful periods.

Employees that are physically active are also less likely to get sick and take sick days from work. Which helps to save the company money.

Having employees engage and build better bonds can also improve employee collaboration later on in the workplace - creating more ideas and increasing productivity.

If you are an employee and you are experiencing stress in the workplace – recommend the idea to your superior. The benefits reaped from hosting a sporting event in the workplace outweigh the few costs that come with it. Propose this as a potential solution to the stress you and your coworkers may be experiencing and the effects this stress is posing to your work.

As a manager, superior or even CEO, take into consideration the stress that may be occurring under your own nose. Are your employees indicating any potential or noticeable signs of experiencing stress? Or maybe they haven’t yet, but it could begin occurring at any point, even if you think the work you are delegating is rather ‘easy’. Help yourself and your company by forming an engaging and stress-relieving sporting event today. Contact Javelin Sports to learn how you can begin.


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