Tennis Clubs & Associations in Toronto

Pick up your racquet and increase your tennis skills! This sport is guaranteed to increase your aerobic and anaerobic health. We’ve put together a list of tennis clubs and associations across the Toronto area.

The Supreme Court Tennis Club

This club offers both an indoor and outdoor membership, providing affordable year-round tennis and supporting a culture of tennis in Toronto. The club consists of 4 newly resurfaced courts!


Mayfair Clubs

Open for adults, youth and camps – tennis is this club’s passion! In the city’s core, Mayfair has 8 indoor, climate-controlled tennis courts for you to play from. It is easily accessible from the majority of Toronto locations.


Rosedale Tennis Club

Provides different tennis court surfaces accommodated to you. You can join a league, tournament or get lessons. It is open to adults and children separately.


Central Tennis Club

Attend a tryout and become a part of a tennis team today! This club offers a range of adult and junior leagues for you to choose from. They club has been established for over 50 years. You can become a member through their website.


North York Winter Tennis Club

Become a member of this club, join a league or even book a court under their ‘pay as you play’ option. This club offers 14 different courts in their three different facilities: North Bubble, East Bubble, and South Bubble.


Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club

This fairly recent club opened in 2004/2005 and offers a unique tennis bubble court. The bubble fabric provides ‘superior lighting day and night,’ to its members. The fees are more affordable and they offer a variety of leagues to select from.


Howard Park Tennis Club

Located at the edge of high park, the outdoor facility consists of 7 hard-surfaced tennis courts and tennis balls are provided! There are a variety of perks at this club aside from the courts such as BBQ social round robins and a spacious clubhouse. Find out more on their website.


Toronto Tennis City

This new club began operating as of 2010 and has flourished. The club hosts many popular events such as Heart and Stroke Foundation’s charity event ‘Strokes for Strokes.’ You can get yourself a full year membership, participate in the social events, join one of their leagues and much more.


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