Staying Active During Winter

The weather is getting colder and winter is soon approaching. While it is tempting to stop your outdoor exercises and stay inside your home, there are many ways you can still stay active despite the colder weather.

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Dress for the Weather

What you wear becomes more and more important as the weather changes. Even if you enjoy the cooler weather, wearing too little can cause you to catch a cold, putting you out of commission for a while.

We recommend you wear more layers as the weather gets colder and maybe even invest in some clothes built for outdoor performance if you exercise outdoors often. These types of clothing are comfortable, light, & great at keeping you warm. Items such as beanies, gloves, and warm base layers can make a huge difference in your experience exercising outdoors.

When layering your clothes, start with a moisture-wicking shirt instead of wearing a regular cotton shirt. This is because cotton will get heavier and actually make you colder as it absorbs your sweat. After you choose your base shirt, add a layer of warmth with something like a hoodie or zip-up. If it's extra cold, add a light waterproof jacket on top.

Play at Indoor Sports Facilities
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Try New Sports

When the season eventually changes to winter, many new outdoor sports activities become available that you can only do during this season. Sports like skiing, skating, and snowboarding become a lot more accessible during the wintertime.

There are also multiple indoor activities that you can do as well. Activities such as bowling, yoga, and dancing are great activities to help keep you healthy, all while adding a nice spice to your usual exercise activities.

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