Soccer Leagues in Toronto

The most popular sport. Known across the globe, loved by many individuals and often used to bring countries together - it can be argued that soccer is a revolutionary sport. From notorious tournaments such as FIFA World Cup and major leagues such as La Liga, soccer has evolved greatly since its beginning. Be a part of soccer's history by joining a league today!

North Toronto Soccer

A not-for-profit, community-based organization offering three sessions of soccer league programs for both the youth and adults, coed leagues, and competitive programs. This program prides itself for providing soccer for every type of player, encouraging the sport, developing your techniques and helping you reach your potential. There are lots of opportunities at this longstanding organization – have a look at their website to learn more.


Extreme Toronto Sports Club

Providing you with soccer opportunities all year long with both indoor and outdoor soccer. You can select from turf soccer, grass soccer, and gymnasium soccer. The club is constantly improving and upgrading to help provide its members with a professional sports league environment. Open for adults, you are able to choose the type of team you wish to play with and from a few different locations.


Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club

This club has programs available for minis, middle, and high competition for players of all ages. Coaching here goes beyond basic soccer training, they also focus on your mental skills training, game management, and strength and conditioning. To register today, check out their website!


The Soccer Club of Toronto

Youth soccer club that has grown tremendously over the past twenty years. The club encourages community participation and the growth of youth soccer development. Both indoor and outdoor house leagues are offered here. Not only do they have a house league to join, they also offer camps, development and programs to help the youth improve their soccer skills.


La Liga Indoor Soccer

Provides safe and fun soccer programs including competitive and recreational soccer leagues to choose from. Which means whether you are a rookie or a pro, you can join and begin playing! You are given the choice to register as either a group or an individual – what are you waiting for, find out more on their website.


Toronto Sport and Social Club

Offered to adults with different skill levels, Toronto Sport and Social Club is a space where adults can select from a variety of options including single-sex, coed, recreational and advanced soccer programs. With lots of soccer opportunities listed and available, select one today to begin playing.


Toronto Sport Association

This association offers 3 of its own leagues including: youth development league, Toronto district youth soccer league, and women’s district soccer league. You can find each schedule and registration on the website.


Downsview Park Soccer Club

Offers both adults soccer leagues year long and youth fall and winter leagues hosted at the Hangar Sports and Event centre. The club also offers a special coed league to select from. Each league and division is listed on the website with individual schedules. Learn more about the league that appeals to you to the most.


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