Soccer in the Modern Age: Video Assistant Referee

As of 2019, new sports technology has emerged that has already shaped the traditional international football competition we know and love – the FIFA World Cup!

If you have been keeping up with soccer, you already know what I am referring to. The new ‘video assistant referee’ or ‘VAR’ has revolutionized regular soccer games. The concept was introduced earlier but it was used on the main stage during 2018 World Cup won by France.

Why is this such a big deal?

The VAR helps make a final call when things get a bit ambiguous. The technology allows referees to make more accurate calls and even ones they may have mistakenly missed.

No more bad calls, better accuracy, less complaints, and more soccer!

We've all been there. You’re watching your favourite team play and the referee fails to call out a penalty. One of the most annoying feelings!

Although the machinery is not perfected, it is still a gateway to a modern age of soccer. It has already proven its worth during the World Cup when – during a match between France and Australia – a referee was alerted of missing a penalty kick.

Don’t worry, the new system is quick and timely, ensuring the game is not delayed. There are only a few areas where the VAR is used:

So, don’t expect the game to be paused every few minutes. The referee still knows what he’s doing. The VAR is an extension of the referee team – pretty cool.

If you're still unsure about how it works, quickly watch a short video that summarizes.

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