Pick-up Games: Why You Should Join

Easy way to find a group of people with the same motive.

Arguably, one the biggest challenges with playing your favourite sport is finding enough players to complete the teams. You probably don’t know 8-12 people ready to play the same game as you. It's unlikely that you know a large group of people with similar schedules to you and the same sport preference.

‘Pick-up games’ is a simple way to resolve all these issues. It is an opportunity to continue playing your favourite sport but with new people! There are many reasons as to why you should join a pick-up game!

Change your competition

Get out of your comfort zone. Sure, it is fun to play with the people you know. But, chances are you already have an idea of their habits and strategies. Challenge yourself by playing with and against people outside of your circle.

Playing with a new team of people will help improve your sportsmanship as you learn to collaborate and coordinate with new members. Improve your daily skills with this. Be a leader. Be a teammate. Make new friends. If a 6-year-old can join a new team and make friends – guess what – so can you!

New competition means new challenges. If you thought you were the best, maybe now you’re faced with someone better. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sharpen your skills by playing against a team you have never met. Competition is healthy!

Easy to manage with work

Having the option of a pick-up sport eliminates the excuse you were probably using for a while: “I don’t have time.” Pick-up games are a great solution to this. It requires no commitment. (Just commit to game you accept of course).

Not everyone has time to dedicate so many hours to practicing and competing in a league. A pick-up game is the perfect alternate for those who just want to play their favourite sport here and there, stay in shape or even just to meet new people. It is a lot more flexible.

Cheaper and easier option

Running low on cash? Pick-up games are more convenient as they are cheaper than a league. You only incur the cost of the one game or, sometimes, no cost at all!

And now the efforts of finding a pickup game to attend are diminished. Javelin does it for you! By downloading the Javelin App on Android or iOS, you will have access to pickup games near you, the information you need, and the option to join. It’s as simple as that!


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