New Year's Resolutions for Athletes

With the year coming to an end, most are looking back on 2020 and evaluating what they were able to accomplish and what they weren’t able to. But as people are looking to the past, they are also looking forward to the future. They are mostly looking ahead and thinking about what they want to do and what they plan to accomplish in the year to come. The start of a new year also signals a fresh start, a time where they plan to make changes that they feel will benefit them in both the short and long term. For most, 2020 has not been the best year, and there is a desire to improve the year to come. To make good on this promise and take advantage of the next year’s opportunities, we recommend that you make bolder New Year's Resolutions this year.

In this article, we at Javelin Sports recommend various New Year's Resolutions you can attempt or work into your daily life at the beginning of 2021 to improve your life after a hectic 2020. Here are some New Year's Resolutions we recommend you attempt and see through the entire year in 2021. You are free to pick and choose which ones you feel will work best for you, and do not feel obligated to select them all.

1. Gym Goals

These resolutions are focused on improving your gym habits and are meant to help you maintain or grow your muscles and your athletic potential.

(When things get safer in your area) Start Going to the Gym and maintain a healthy schedule

Work on increasing your strength, endurance, stamina etc.

2. Healthy Living

These resolutions are meant to lead a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

3. Cut off your vices

This section of Resolutions is supposed for those who have serious vices that negatively affect their lives, want to change, or need the inspiration to change their ways.

Use your phone less

Quit smoking, or drinking, or cut back on the amount you do so.

4. General Life Improvement

This category is just areas where you can make resolutions to improve your life’s wide variety of sizes.

These are the New Year's Resolutions that we believe will help improve your life and guarantee that your 2021 was better than in 2020. Pick and choose the ones you feel will benefit you the most.

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