Javelin Sports as a Free Team Management Tool

The Javelin App is the best app for joining local pickup games and finding people to play sports with near you! The best part is… it’s completely free!

But the Javelin App can do much more than just help you find pickup games. Did you know that Javelin can also be used as a FREE sports team management tool?

In Javelin, you can create a team, which is your private group chat for everyone you invite to your team!

Benefits of creating a team in Javelin include:

To create or join a team, you click on the "Teams" section on the bottom menu bar, and then click on "Join a Team" or "Create a Team" at the top.

You can invite others to your team by sending them your team code!

With Teams, you can easily organize games with all of your sports friends using powerful tools such as event creation and polling to help make coordinating pickup games so much easier!

If you need some more people to fill in some spots in your team, create a post in one of our sports group chats and invite them to your group!

If you’re looking for a FREE sports team management tool, then try using Javelin today! Available on both the app store and play store!

Looking for an easy way to find pickup sports games? Javelin is the easiest way to find sports pickups near you!
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