How To Improve Your Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health in the midst of a global pandemic can be difficult. But you shouldn't neglect it! Taking care of your mentality is just as important as maintaining your physical health.

With stay at home orders and lockdowns being in place, we are more likely to develop mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. It is extremely important to take care of our minds even though we are at home. So here are some tips to improve and maintain a healthy mind and body.


Keeping a journal and jotting down your thoughts, emotions and behaviours daily can actually help improve your mental health! It can help you recognize any negative thoughts you may have. It also provides an emotional release from any burdens that you have been carrying around for awhile. So it's best to write things onto your journal every night to jot down your thoughts and emotions on how your day went.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that all mental health professionals swear by and typically promote to patients with depressive and anxiety disorders. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to pay attention to your body and learn how to stay in the present moment while taking in your surroundings. The reason why medical professionals tell patients to do mindfulness meditation for 15 minutes everyday is because it works! It is an excellent tool for patients with anxiety as anxious thoughts and overthinking can overwhelm you. Keep in mind that consistency is key in order to feel the full effects. Not only is it beneficial for your mind, but it is also beneficial for your physical health as it can improve sleep, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain.

Listening to Up-Beat Music

Turn up your tunes! Listening to up-beat music specifically can lift up your mood quickly! Even better if you can dance to your favourite songs in the morning as a workout! Music can decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety and it also lowers stress levels. So crank up the volume and get into it! There's tons of up-beat music playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. If you don't have a subscription to either platforms, YouTube Autoplay works just as well!


Yup, you guessed it! Exercise releases endorphins which triggers a positive response in your body and leaves you feeling relieved and relaxed after a good workout. It lowers stress levels and decreases depression and anxiety symptoms. Similar to mindfulness meditation, you have to be consistent with your workouts in order to feel the full effects! Being on full lockdown can be restricting as gyms are still closed, but that doesn't mean you can't exercise. You can do simple stretches in your living room, watch some workout videos on YouTube or even go for a walk around your neighbourhood while keeping social distancing rules in mind.

Overall, maintaining your mental health is important in order to live a healthy lifestyle. By adding these simple activities into your daily routine, it can improve your state of mind and leave you feeling refreshed and relieved.

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