Creating Your Own Sports League

Starting your own sports league comes with many benefits - the biggest being the element of togetherness you are advocating. However, it can get a little overwhelming. If you are unsure about where to begin or the steps you will need to consider before running your own sports league, keep reading!

League name

One of the most fun and challenging parts of creating a league is to come up with the name of your organization. We recommend that you think carefully about this. Create a few options and have some friends or family members tell you their favourite.

You want your name to be eye-catching and memorable – it will help you gain more attention from potential members/players.

Type of business

Now that you have your name, you have to establish what type of business model you will be following. We recommend you take time on this step as it can be challenging to modify after. Think of the purpose of your league. Do you intend to make profit or no? Check out some factors that may help you decide.

And make sure to get yourself incorporated to receive tax benefits!

Getting a permit

Once you have your name and business model ready, you can move onto the permit. The most vital step in creating a league is ensuring you have submitted and received approval on a permit account with your city.

Why should you care about this? Without a permit, you risk building a league only to potentially lose it and being banned. It is not worth it. You will need the permit to enter your league into competitions.

Not sure where to look? Click here for the Toronto permit account form.

Your staff

The bigger your league grows, the harder it will become to manage. It is good to consider having some volunteers to help you out. Not only will it lessen your load, but it will also help your organization gain more awareness and stay - well - organized!

Recruit volunteers to help you manage with:

Administration: managing new and existing player information, available for any inquiries from anyone, and responsible for locating and booking venues for games

Hiring: it may be beneficial to have specific volunteers trained and equipped with the ability to hire coaches or referee.

If you think you need more volunteers for any other management position – go for it! Make sure you have the resources to hire additional members, train them efficiently and get them passionate about your league.

Coaches: a key player in any game is having someone overlook the entire team, build a relationship with the team members, and help them feel both comfortable and encouraged to participate and develop new skills related to the sport you are organizing.

Ensure that the coaches you hire are personable, knowledgeable of the sport, and committed to being present at all events and helping the organization grow as a whole.

Read on some tips on what a good coach looks like.

Referees or umpires: another key player to all the games you will be hosting, as they will reduce any possible disputes during games.

By having an official, established individual responsible for all final calls, there is no chance for arguments between teams, players, coaches, pretty much anyone. The referee is the boss and very important for you to have in your league as these are the individuals enforcing the rules of the sport.

A place to play

Depending on the type of sports league you are opening and the season you are available, ensure that you have the appropriate venue to host your games. This can be a tricky step as facilities can book up fast – if you are planning on hosting indoor games. Make sure you give yourself an appropriate and sufficient amount of time to locate and guarantee a place for your games.

If you are hosting outdoor events, make sure you book any field, court, pool, or whatever it may be, through the city. You don’t want to risk losing your spot, people are relying on you! It may also be beneficial to check the conditions of your venues. Read more about sports turfs to understand some factors you may want to consider.

Waivers and registration forms for your players

Costs and fees: make sure you have the final cost or fee for your registrants. Before you begin taking in team members, ensure you have added up all the costs of your organization and deducted what would be required from each registrant.

Waivers: don’t get yourself in trouble for not clearly defining all the possible risks and dangers of playing the sport you are organizing.

Sometimes, new registrants are not fully aware of what they are getting themselves into or may be beginners to the sport. Clearly outline what risks are involved by purchasing or creating a waiver.

Registration: this step is key to have all your players information organized in one space. Include important elements in your registration form like an emergency contact information in case of any incident. You can create your own form or use a template.


Create your code of conduct! A set of values and rules that your organization believes in and expects to be followed. Unsure? Read about some elements to include in your code of conduct.


Plan out a schedule. You have a venue booked, you have your staff, your organization is ready for the season you have chosen. Now it would be helpful to your new registrants to clearly see what days and times they are expected to be available for games and practices. How else do you expect them to take time off work or clear out their personal schedule.

Orientation: It would also be helpful to have an orientation day before simply jumping into the season. Get to know your new members and have them get to know the organization! Keep it light, play games and make sure you grow a certain level of comfort between individuals. After all, an important aspect of a team is the relationships built within, this will help everyone in the long run.

Getting players

You've reached the last step. Now all you need are people to sign up and join your league! Don’t stress. Post your new sports league on Javelin Sports mobile app to gain better awareness. Download Javelin Sports today and start playing: Android or iOS

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