How to Be a Great Coach

Being a coach can be one of the most challenging jobs in all of the sports. You have to prepare and lead the team throughout the season, creating game plans and strategies for each opponent. It is also your responsibility to create lineups and scout the opposition to best prepare your team. All of these responsibilities and more that I have not listed require the coach to possess a wide variety of skills and traits to complete your tasks to the best of your ability effectively.

The Responsibilities of a Coach

To be a good coach, which means you complete and work toward improving on the tasks above, you need to possess a particular set of skills and personality traits. The list we have compiled below are the vital qualities every coach should have or try and develop, so you can be the best coach you can be.

Another important task you have is to set the team’s culture and the year early on in the season. This should be done early on in the season because if you try and alter things mid-season, you may get push back or resistance, and you could cause some locker issues. To do this most effectively, you should do this during the first couple of meetings/practices/games you have, lay out everything you expect and how you plan on running the team. It also would not hurt to hear out your players, consider what they want or expect, so you are not pushing unrealistic expectations on your players.

Always consider what kind of league you are participating in. Is it a casual league that you are a part of with some of your friends? Or is it a more serious league, where people genuinely care about the results and the outcome? Maybe it is something in between; whatever the case, know the type of league you are in, and match the energy you bring. You don’t want to be the person who takes things too seriously while everyone else is just trying to have fun., But on the same side, you don’t want to be the guy who does not take the league seriously and fails to adequately prepare or strategies for the league. You are needed to find a happy balance between them and find the right tone to bring to your team. Your players will also look to you for how to look at the league, and how serious about taking it, what energy they should bring.

There you have the qualities of a good coach, and how you could be the best coach for your specific league. If you need further inspiration, we recommend looking at professional coaches and modelling yourself after what they do. The easiest way to do this is to watch interviews they are in, or if they have written books, that is another way you could familiarize yourself with their work. We hope you can take this article and use it to become the best coach you can be.

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