Eating Habits to Help Boost Your Sports Performance

The food you eat and when you eat them, will have a direct impact on your performance during any of your sport games. If you’re wondering how you can boost your energy and improve your performance before your next match – keep reading, this is for you.

yoghurt parfait

Should you eat before a game? Definitely!

Your body requires fuel and food is it. That is your ticket to gaining energy right before you play that match you have been waiting for.

This doesn’t mean you should start eating everything in sight! Timing is critical. Ensure that you have enough time to consume your meal before a game, depending on the size of the meal. At least 2 hours would be recommended for bigger meals and at least 45 minutes for smaller, easily digestible foods. Eating right before a game could increase your chance of nausea, dizziness or even make you feel slower.

If you choose to only eat a big meal then avoid any greasy, fast-food, or junk foods. This will only slow your performance down. Follow the 3 keys:

Incorporate a small portion of each to your meal to create an energy-boasting meal. Example: brown rice, egg, and avocado.

If you choose to eat a smaller snack before your game, make sure it is: (1) something your body is already used to and exposed to before. You do not want to introduce a new product to your body before a game in case it rejects it. (2) You want it to be easily digestible.

Consider eating:

granola with orange juice for healthy eating

These are all examples of smaller snacks that can be consumed and digested quickly. For more options and ideas for what to eat click here.

Do yourself a favour and eat something. Going into a game on an empty stomach could result in issues such as light-headedness, lethargy, sluggishness and other performance related problems.

Eat something clean and watch your body repay you.

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