Build a Healthier Community Through Sports

Increasing opportunity and availability of sports can directly correlate to improving a community. What do we mean by improving a community? We mean increasing productivity, the social and culture dynamics of the community, and even bettering the morals of community members to a certain extent. This can be done - but only if the sports opportunities available to the community promote and embody specific traits.

If your goal is to help your community through sports opportunities, consider the following.

Social inclusion. Encourage all members within your community to partake in sports opportunities. Acknowledge and recognize the different types of members that reside in your area. Clubs, groups, teams, whatever you may be thinking of creating – it is the ones that manage to get all parties involved in the game that are successful. Why? Because they create purpose and inclusion for everyone.

So, what do I mean by all? I mean, welcome the youth, the parents, the elders, and the women. Make sure you are respectful and open to all races, all cultures and all ethnicities. I emphasize the importance of inclusion because this is what creates community identity.

The benefits of this? There is more knowledge of who community members are, friendlier interactions and competitions, and less fear.

Educate and become aware of the different groups of people that reside in your community and understand the measures you may need to take to increase their social inclusion. Are there language barriers? Have a member on your board or team that can speak that language to help you overcome this barrier. By including women, you recognize nearly half of the community’s population. Help reduce the decline in women’s sport participation. Read more about this here.

Successful social inclusion will only make the effects of your sport opportunity to the community better. The benefits of this is improving the productivity and motivation of the members within the community. Sports will improve the physical and mental health of individuals, boast their energy levels and push them to being more productive community members.

The final benefit for communities with higher sports opportunities is a correlated reduce in criminal activities and vandalism. The availability and encouragement of participating in sports helps divert young people from improper and immoral behaviours and more towards productive and helpful ones. It also provides them with a space to connect and build relationships with more positive role models that can aid and empower them to improve on life skills. Research shows the positive results that occur from sports within communities. It is an effective solution for social

Help your community today by creating a sports club, league, or pickup game through Javelin Sports and reap the benefits of sport participation and organization.


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