Best Courts to Play Basketball near Whitby

Are you looking for basketball courts to play near Whitby? Well look no further as you've come to the right place. We're helping basketball players in Ontario to find their perfect court!Recently, we've covered some of the best basketball court locations in Toronto, but today we're here to tell you the best locations near Whitby!

Playground Global

Located near Lakefront Park West, The Playground Global is one of the best courts in Oshawa! With several locations around Ontario, Playground Global is one of Canada's powerhouses for providing top quality basketball courts.

You can book a court on their website or download Javelin and join one of our weekly drop-in games!

Abilities Centre

Abilities Centre is Whitby's community hub with one of the biggest basketball courts in the area. While normally, you need to rent out the whole court, you can join our drop-in games without needing to book!We host weekly basketball drop-ins here, exclusively on Javelin!

Looking for an easy way to find pickup sports games? Javelin is the easiest way to find sports pickups near you!
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