8 Gym Essentials You Need To Bring

1. Workout Clothes

If you've never felt the sensation of working out in breathable, sweat-wicking activewear, you're missing out. Working out in a regular old shirt versus working out in proper gym wear is a night and day difference, especially if you're prone to sweating. The fabric of your clothes can definitely change how you feel at the gym. Regular 100% cotton shirts tend to hold on to moisture, which means that your sweat will be sticking onto your shirt. Not only will this make your workout an uncomfortable experience, but it will ruin the quality of your clothing as well. Performance t-shirts are often made with a blend of polyesters and other fabrics to help the shirt dry faster, last longer, and wick the sweat away. They may be a bit more expensive than your regular t-shirt, but if you exercise often, it's worth the investment!

2. Water Bottle

There's nothing worse than forgetting your water bottle after a hard set at the gym. Packing a water bottle will not only saving your throat, but also saving you a trip to the water fountain. While you can pack a plastic water bottle, it's much more eco-friendly to use a reusable water bottle. Bonus points if it's BPA-free! And if you enjoy your water ice-cold, bringing an insulated water bottle is even better.

3. Wireless Earbuds

Listening to music while you workout can be a game changer if you never tried it. It can help you focus in on your workout, and even help give that last push that you need for that final set. While you can use any wired earbuds or headphones, the convenience of wireless earbuds and not having to worry about cables makes working out with them much more hassle-free. It's important to note that your earbuds should be at least rated IPX-4 in water resistance, otherwise you risk your earbuds getting water damage from your sweat!

4. Towel

No one likes that one guy at the gym who sweats all over the bench and doesn't wipe it afterwards. Some gyms might even provide clean towels for you to use, but bringing your own might be more comfortable. Bringing a towel will not only help wipe the sweat off your face, but it's much more hygienic for you and those around you as well!

5. Shower Shoes

If you're in a rush and you have to take a shower at the gym, be sure to bring shower shoes or flip-flops! This is incredibly important as most gym floors in the shower room are not clean. There's many bacteria on the floor that can easily transfer if it comes into contact with your skin and the last thing you want is to get athlete's foot after taking a shower.

6. Workout Snack

You'll never know when hunger will hit you, especially after a hard workout. Keeping a snack in your bag or car at all times will give you something to munch on to help hold you over for a while longer. This way, you'll feel less tempted to go out and buy food that may hurt either your diet, your wallet, or both.

7. Gym Lock

If you're bringing a gym bag or have some valuables that you have to bring with you in the gym, it's worth it to bring a gym lock. It's best to leave valuables such as your wallet in your car if possible, but if you're unable to, bringing a gym lock is your next best bet.

8. Workout Log

Keeping track of your workouts is essential for any serious lifter. Having a workout log is a great way to ensure that you're on track and you're able to see if you have made any progress. While you can carry a notebook and pen, it's much more simpler to just use your smartphone, which is something you're probably carrying regardless. Just use your notes app or create a spreadsheet for your workout plan, that way, you'll always be able to remember what weight you did last time.

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