10 Summer Only Sports to Try in 2019

It is finally that time of the year to get outside, enjoy the sunlight, and appreciate the warm weather. There are so many experiences that feel better in the summer. For example, getting some ice cream or going to for a swim at the beach. Same goes for sports! Javelin Sports has collected a list of 10 Sports for you to try with your friends during 2019. Nothing is better for your mental and physical health than getting active.


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When we mention summer sports, golfing is one of the first activities that people would think of. On a sunny day, gather a couple of your friends and get onto a beautiful outdoor golf course. Relax and chill, golfing is a type of lower impact activity that is suitable for the majority of age groups.

Do you know that Toronto has five award-winning golf courses? The City of Toronto website is a good go-to resource for golfing course information and lessons. We suggest combining golfing with other sports and strengthening exercises. This tip will help prevent potential injuries. As a rotational sport, lower back injuries is one of the most common injuries. You can read more about lower back pain here.


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Summer and beaches – a golden classic combination that is amongst the favorites of many people. Beach volleyball is very close to its indoor cousin, with a main goal to compete and HAVE FUN. This sport is perfect to play with a group of friends with easy-to-learn rules. If you are looking for a great facility for this sport, Beach Blast is a good place to visit.


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Did you know that ultimate frisbee is actually one of those unique “combination” sports that includes elements from soccer, football, long-distance running, basketball and hockey? It is a great way to improve your athleticism and have fun being part of a team. Javelin has organized several ultimate frisbee games this year, keep your eyes on the pick-up group for more future events!


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Canoeing and kayaking is more common in Toronto than you may think. There are many places in the Greater Toronto Area where you can rent canoes/kayaks. Kayaking engages muscle groups from the whole body workout. You will be surprised as to how tiring this sport can get! As you paddle along, let the water bring down the heat!


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Biking is another great outdoor activity during the summer. Grab a water bottle, your helmet, and your bike - you are ready to hit the road! Biking is amongst the most accessible sports on this list. It is also a safe sport for the vast majority of the population (unless you are suffering from a particular injury). Ontario by Bike has compiled a list of exciting biking events, check them out whether or not you are a biking fan!

Looking for a great cycling path? Checkout 10 Amazing Bike Paths You Must Ride in Toronto.

And have you ever seen those green bikes on the side of streets? They are bikes for rental brought to you by Bike Share Toronto. You can just pick up a bike and start riding!

*A little FYI...

Toronto Island is the largest car-free community in North America, making it a perfect place to ride your bike!


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Surfing can be a relatively challenging one to get started compared to other sports on this list. However, there are loads of health benefits to this sport. Particularly, developing strength and cardiovascular abilities at the same time. Plus, doesn’t surfing look like so much fun? Blogto has compiled this a list of places where you can surf or learn this cool sport in Toronto.

You can read a first-hand experience on lake surfing here.

Now we also have some unconventional sports that put a creative twist on their conventional cousins...give them a shot this summer!


Image from @ontariodiscgolf  

Are you having a hard time trying to choose between golf and frisbee? Then you should probably think about trying frisbee golf (also known as disc golf)!

Don’t know what it is? Check out “This is Disc Golf” on YouTube. Don’t know where to play? City of Toronto provides some great information on the 3 available courses! Most of the courses are free, making frisbee golf an inexpensive sport for everyone to enjoy.


Image from @torontoflagfootball

If you want to remove the tackling component of playing football, then flag football is a perfect alternative. The basic rules are similar. Toronto has a number of flag football leagues, check them out!


Image from @footgolfteamcanada

Soccer and golf...what if we combine the two sports? Yes, footgolf is a real sport! The Canadian Footgolf Association gives details on where you can play and the rules/equipment required. Here is a short video giving you an idea what this interesting sport is all about.


Image from @camplanakila

A hockey field is not required if you want to play hockey! In fact, you don’t even need a puck! This is Street Hockey. Very accessible, inexpensive, and loads of fun!

Before getting started, make sure to double check the guidelines for your city. In Toronto you are allowed to play on local roads with a speed limit of 40 kilometres or less, between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Of course, there are so many other fun sports out there. The most important thing is to get active and have fun! If you are looking for people to play with in your area, fill out our form!





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