10 COVID-19 Safe Summer Sports for 2020

The sun is out again and everyone is turning down their air conditioning, so you know what that means: summer is here. We usually reserve this time of year for outdoor sports and getting active again, but this year with COVID-19 and social distancing measures in place, sporting activities seem unlikely for many of us.

But, it doesn’t have to be. Healthcare professionals and sports enthusiasts tell us that playing sports this summer is, in fact, possible as long as they’re outdoors, with few players, and you maintain a reasonable distance. Javelin Sports has compiled a list of the top low-risk sports you can play during a COVID-19 summer and all the measures you should take to ensure that you and your team stays safe during this pandemic. All of the sports listed here can be organized quickly and easily using our Javelin App for free! Download here!


Tennis, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

A tennis game only needs 2-4  people on the court which is an amount in compliance with most social distancing regulations. Not to mention, it's fun! Tennis keeps you active for hours at a time in a safe space secure from public interference. Can you think of anything better?

Beach/Outdoor Volleyball

Volleyball, Beach, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

If played with a limited amount of people (4-6), Volleyball is perfect this summer. Beach Volleyball specifically is a great way to get some fresh air and the weather conditions near the ocean make contracting coronavirus a lot less likely! Gather your friends, experienced players or not, for a fun game of volleyball because the rules are easy and everyone has trouble serving anyway!


Golf, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

You can probably imagine why but golf is one of the safest sports you can play right now. From its distancing, few players, and personal equipment there is little risk in a good golf game. Plus, it’s an excellent way to spend the long summer days outside with the sun and breeze.


Baseball, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

It may not look like it at first glance, but a great baseball game is possible even with COVID-19. As long as players are aware that they can touch the equipment but not each other, you’re in for a good time. Some reworking might have to be done to limit the usual total of 18 players to a more reasonable number like 10, but with good communication, it can work. For example, on our Javelin app, you can take advantage of the chat feature to plan, organize, and set the rules of your game before you even get there!


Weightlifting, Weight lifting, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

This Olympic sport doesn’t require any form of contact from other players, just a display of your pure strength! Gyms near you might be opening with social distancing regulations in place, so weightlifting can actually be a viable sport to get into this summer.


Swimming, Pool, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

In this heat, who wouldn’t want to cool off in a pool? Provided you know how to swim, swimming is an ideal way to have fun this summer. Despite COVID-19, you can still take a dive at your local pool, beach or recreational water park since there is currently no evidence that shows COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters.


Running, Jogging COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

From cross-country marathons to sprints, running is a great way to stay active this summer. This sport doesn’t require any equipment or person to person contact, so get some friends together for a race, jog around the block or find a nearby jogging trail. This summer, running can be your new avenue to staying active outside.


Softball, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

Similar to baseball, softball is sure to be lots of fun this summer, as long as you change the rules a little! Minimizing the number of people that play and keeping equipment clean are the extra steps you might have to take. But none of that will stop you from getting outside and having a good game.

Water Polo

Water Polo, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

A step up from swimming, water polo is another water sport you’ll want to take advantage of this summer. Easy to understand and quite competitive, water polo requires only 14 people to play and is great for staying cool and driven this summer.

Did you know: Water polo is such a brutal sport it was originally known as water rugby and women weren’t allowed to play in the Olympics until 2000.

Throwing events (javelin, shot put, discus)

Javelin, Field sports, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Safe, Pandemic

Throwing sports like Javelin, Shot put, and Discus, test serious skill and strength without requiring any contact from opponents. These sports are your best bet for a fun, active and safe summer!

These sports are some of the best ways to stay COVID-19 free and have a good time this summer. Touching objects has a much lower risk compared to person-to-person contact and research has also found that outdoor socializing is safer than indoor as factors like the wind lower the risk of coronavirus transmission. But you can never be too safe right? Here are some other tips to make sure you have a safe game in 2020:

  1. BYOE- Bring your own equipment
  2. Clean all equipment before and after the game
  3. Make sure all your players have been social distancing two weeks before the game
  4. Bring hand sanitizer
  5. Don’t be afraid to change the rules to comply with social distancing measures





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