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Top 10 Badminton Courts in Toronto

Updated: Aug 29

Looking for the Top 10 Badminton Courts in Toronto? Well, you came to the right place! After researching and even attending most of these courts, we created a list of the best badminton courts Toronto has to offer!

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1. Batts Athletic

Location: 134 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton, ON L6W 3G4

Website: https://www.battsathletic.com/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

Batts Athletic has one of the best badminton courts in Brampton! They offer drop-ins, court rentals, private lessons, tournaments, and more. For both experienced and beginner players alike, Batts Athletic has a little something for everyone.

2. Actionzone Indoor

Location: 480 Tapscott Rd, Scarborough, ON M1W 1W3

Website: https://www.actionzoneindoor.com/

Drop-ins? No

Court Rentals? Yes

Located near Hwy 401 and Markham Rd, this 40,000 sq.ft. indoor facility offers a variety of sports outside of badminton as well, such as volleyball and cricket. Badminton courts are available to rent out every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 pm - 12 am. If you ever wanted to play some late-night badminton with the boys, this is your spot.

3. RW Badminton

Location: 7880 Woodbine Ave UNIT D, Markham, ON L3R 2N7

Website: https://www.rwbadmintonclub.com/

Drop-ins? No

Court Rentals? Yes

RW Badminton is one of Markham's cleanest badminton courts for players of all skill levels. With court rentals being available to everyone, if you sign up with a membership, court rentals are even cheaper. Best of all, memberships here are extremely affordable, coming in at $70 per year. RW Badminton also offers coaching as well as training programs that you can sign up for to take your badminton game to the next level.

4. Commander Badminton Club

Location: 115 Commander Blvd Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1S 3M7

Website: https://cmdbadminton.com/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

One of the most popular badminton spots in Scarborough, Commander Badminton Club boasts a whopping 11 full-size courts with a 24' clear high ceiling and a customized lighting system. This facility is quite spacious and is open from 11 pm to midnight.

5. Progress Badminton Club

Location: 291 Progress Ave Unit B, Scarborough, ON M1P 2Z2

Website: http://www.badmintonto.com/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

Progress Badminton Club is another location boasting over 10+ courts that offers both drop-ins and court rentals. Their court rentals are open 24/7 by appointment, so if you're looking to play late into the night, this may be the place to go.

6. Epic Sports Badminton Club

Location: 39 Bertrand Ave, Toronto, ON M1L 2P3

Website: https://epicsportsbadminton.com/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

Epic Sports Badminton Club is one of Toronto's busiest badminton clubs. With both drop-ins and court rentals being available, you may want to book in advance if you want to secure your spot for this club. They also have a Yonex shop at this club, so if you ever wanted to get top-of-the-line badminton equipment, this location has one of the widest selections as well. They even let you demo their rackets before you buy them!

7. Lee's Badminton Training Centre

Location: 80 Centurian Dr, Unit 3, Markham, ON L3R 8C1

Website: https://leesbadminton.ca/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

Lee's Badminton Training Centre is a lowkey badminton spot in Markham that offers drop-ins, court rentals, and training programs. This location offers 7 professional-sized courts and has players of all skill levels. They also have a shop selling badminton gear as well!

8. KC Badminton Club

Location: Multiple

Website: http://kcbadmintonclub.com/

Drop-ins? No

Court Rentals? Yes

KC Badminton Club has locations all over Ontario, including Markham, Richmond Hill, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Aurora-Newmarket. All of these locations offer top-quality courts available for rent!

9. iPlay Badminton

Location: 351 Ferrier St #7, Markham, ON L3R 5Z2

Website: http://www.iplaybadminton.ca/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

iPlay Badminton is one of Markham's smaller badminton courts, but don't let that deter you from coming here to play. Each of their courts are well maintained and are priced competitively with other courts in the area. If you're looking for a semi-private court that's competitively priced, this is the place for you!

10. C2 Badminton Club

Location: 1300 Rodick Rd Unit D, Markham, ON L3R 8C3

Website: https://thebadmintoncoaching.ca/

Drop-ins? Yes

Court Rentals? Yes

C2 Badminton Club is a well-established facility located in Markham. With 9 courts available for rentals and drop-ins, this location offers 1 month day passes for $40. If you frequently play badminton, this day pass offers incredible value for the price!

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