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Sports leagues have unified individuals in a community and have brought together countries across the globe to compete at a specific sport. So, what is a sports league? Essentially, a sports league is a formation of teams competing against each other in one sport. It can be as small as in your local community or as large as teams from different countries. Major sports leagues have begun and existed for years, with people all across the globe joining together to watch their favourite teams religiously. Here are some well-known favourites:

National Football League (NFL) - https://www.nfl.com/

Born in 1920, by a group of men, the teams created came from four U.S. states at the time. From these four states, it grew across the nation to become the largest American

football league.

Major League Baseball (MLB) - https://www.mlb.com/

Formed in 1903 by merging two pre-existing baseball leagues in the U.S. (National League and American League). It is now the largest baseball league in North America.

National Basketball Association (NBA) - https://ca.nba.com

Formed in 1949, by merging the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League to create the NBA many watch today.

National Hockey League (NHL) - https://www.nhl.com/

The widely known men’s professional ice hockey league, the NHL began in Quebec, Canada in 1917 and continues to be played in North America today.

These are just a few of the many leagues across the globe that have been played for decades! Over the past century, each of these leagues have slowly evolved to become the well-established leagues they are today. They are passionately watched all across the globe, with people admiring hard-earned athletes, and cheering for favourite teams – it has become a longstanding tradition.

Everything begins at one place – the individual (or individuals) that decide to take the initiative of creating the initial league. There is an abundance of benefits that come from creating a league in your community. You can learn about some of these benefits here.

You don’t have to make the next NBA, but you can begin by forming something your community members can partake in.

Take your passion for a sport to the next level - create an opportunity for others to join and play. Creating a sports league can be a challenge, but a rewarding challenge if done so correctly. If you are interested in beginning your own sports league, there are a few legal and organizational steps you need to consider in order to begin. Read here to learn the steps required to start one yourself.

Initiating your sports league is just the first step. There are many methods and tactics you can use to help your new league flourish and grow to be more successful. After all, it isn't much of a league if you don't have people involved. Read here on the different ways you can help your new league grow.

Be apart of the existing sports leagues in the world today.

In the GTA community, there are many pre-existing sports leagues you can join. Many leagues have specific seasons they are available in and require registration earlier on; ensure you look thoroughly at the requirements before signing yourself up.

Looking for a specific sport league? Javelin Sports has listed some already for you! Click each one to learn more.

Soccer Leagues in Toronto

The most popular sport across the globe and a great way to tone those leg muscles. Soccer is a famously beloved sport and many leagues are available to you in Toronto.

Swimming Clubs in Toronto

Not only a fun sport, but an excellent skill to build upon, there are many clubs in Toronto that can help you learn and acquire some swimming skills.

Badminton Club and Leagues in Toronto

Get your racket and get ready to toss that birdie across the net! Badminton can get pretty heated on the court and you can be a part of the next competition. Find the next available registration near you!

Tennis Club and Associations in Toronto

Tennis can be a tough but fun sport, that can be played against individuals or teams! There are many clubs and associations available to you in Toronto to begin playing competitively.

Baseball Leagues in Toronto

Did the Major League Baseball motivate you to join a baseball league of your own? Luckily, there are many available in Toronto. Typically, this sport is played in warmer seasons, so make sure you register in time!

Volleyball Leagues in Toronto

Whether its on sand, a court, or in your backyard – volleyball is a fun and competitive sport involving keeping a volleyball in the air and getting your rival to let it drop. Volleyball is typically available every season of the year. Find one that fits your needs.

Basketball Leagues in Toronto

Get your basketball shoes on and become the next LeBron James. This sport is normally available in every season so click here to find the next one available to you.

Not knowing how to play a sport you like should not prevent you from playing it. Many famous players were not the best in their childhood teams, but a strong mind kept them on the right path and now their dreams came true. Remember - most superstars are made, not born.

Javelin Sports hopes you take the initiative of creating a league in your neighbourhood today or download the app on Android or iOS to keep updated on the ones near you!







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