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With a community of over 30,000 sports enthusiasts, Javelin is becoming one of the fastest-growing

pick-up sports apps on the market. Javelin is a one-stop shop for athletes to meet other players with similar skills and interests, join and create teams, and book facilities to play.

Javelin partners with businesses to bring their targeted customers to them. Have your club or facility listed to over 30,000 athletes looking for the services you provide. Javelin is the custom solution that allows you to host your bookings, manage player rosters and boost your booking revenue channels.

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Clubs & Leagues

Find and manage the players you have been looking for


Increase Revenue

Recruit sports players to your league or club to boost your player retention and sales.


Player Management

Monitor your team's roster and manage player attendance for events.


Grow Your Club

Gain access to a community of sports enthusiasts who are actively looking to join teams and play sports.


Easy Member Registration

Seamlessly join local teams/clubs with the clicks of a button.


Facilities & Venues

Manage and enable online facility bookings


Increase Booking Sales

Gain access to a community of athletes who are actively looking for facilities to book.


Real-Time Push Notifications

Players will be notified in real-time when someone books a drop-in/pick-up game.


Community Access

Gain access to a community of sports enthusiasts who are actively looking to join teams and play sports.


Court Scheduling

Schedule your available booking times that get directly integrated into the Javelin app.


Control Pricing and Availability

Set your facility rates and control court availability that suits you.


In-App Payment Processing

Don't worry about payment, we handle the in-app payment so you get paid sooner.



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