Toronto Ultimate Club

Toronto, ON
Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf

Looking to Join a Club or League?

Do you want to play sports but feel like you can never find the time? We recommend joining a club or league! Clubs and leagues will have set schedules for players to train and play. By knowing you have a set time for a club or league, it becomes a part of your routine, ensuring you stay active and play a sport you love with healthy competition!

To save you from going down a rabbit hole of online searches, Javelin has done the work for you!

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How Does it Work?

App Store and Play Store), and proceed to view the clubs and leagues available in your area! Once you've found one you like, click the link to their website to complete your registrations!

The Javelin app is also a great way to stay in touch with teammates, get chats going, and also search for other sports which you may be interested in!

Wondering if your skill level does not match the game? No worries! We’ve got games for all skill levels, as well as training sessions available to help take you to the next level!To get started, make sure you've downloaded the Javelin app (available on both the

Do you have questions? Our support team is available to answer, shoot us a message on the app or check out the Javelin community group on the Javelin app where you can find previous postings from the team!

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