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Help keep each other safe

Javelin, the app with a mobile screening process that ensures safe regulation and participation in sport. Our health screening process asks coaches and players a variety of questions to determine if they're at risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

How we help leagues grow!

Meet Ricardo,

Ricardo joined Javelin to organize outdoor basketball games with his friends during the summer. When the summer ended, however, Ricardo and his friends needed to find a place to play during the winter. Luckily for Ricardo, he found a league right on Javelin's "Find a League" page. Now Ricardo and his friends can keep playing throughout the year!

Through attracting players to our app and helping them find leagues, Javelin is the only league management tool on the market that actively grows the leagues we work with!

Improve retention

Improve player retention and attract new players.

It's no secret that people consider sports a social activity. Your players joined your league to play their favorite sport, but they keep coming back for the friends they’ve made along the way (sorry if that sounds a little cheesy). Thus, one of the most important aspects to ensuring your job is a success is helping your players become friends!

Javelin is designed to support integrating your players into your community. We help you achieve this by tightening up the communication channels within your league, allowing your players to chat more easily with each other and their coaches or other executives in the league!

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Team attendance and availability

  • Create unlimited events for your league with our flexible scheduling platform (recurring, one-time, tournament, game, practice, and more)
  • Capture attendance quickly and accurately
  • Track player availability 

Team and roster management

  • View and edit your team's roster
  • Access your player's personal and emergency contact information
  • Send messages to your teams and players
  • Send automatic schedule reminders via email or push notification
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  • Easily update game scores
  • Display the latest team standings 
  • Fully manage your tournaments or divisions

Scores and standings