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Health Screening


Return to Sports Safely.

Protect your sports organization members with Javelin's health screening, waiver signing, and contact tracing process.

Simplified pre-game and on-site health checklists

Health and event records of players

COVID-19 specific waiver for each individual player

Health Screening

Monitor player's health status and notify them when they have to stay home

This Health Check Package includes:

Meet the new health requirements by playing it safe with Javelin.

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, sports clubs and teams are struggling to safely return to sport. For that reason, Javelin Sports has integrated three new features into its sports management app: health screening, waiver signing, and contact tracing.

Javelin Sports’ in-app health screening process is a series of checks that enables coaches to track the health of their players. The app also features contact tracing by tracking all individuals that attend an event. Lastly, their mandatory waiver signing allows sports organizations to avoid risk and reduce liability.


These three areas allow Javelin Sports to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in an organization and help clubs if an outbreak does occur.

Free Health Screening Package

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