How it all started.

    Aurora local, Justin Ford (age 24), started a company called Javelin Sports to help people get active. “I got really involved in sports as a kid” Justin explains “I attribute a lot of my personal growth and development to what I learned on the sports field.” However, Justin found himself playing less and less after he graduated high school. He created Javelin Sports to address this problem.

    In late 2016 Justin began conducting marketing research and found that over 70% of people claim they want to play more sports, yet, there are over 500 sports leagues and 100 drop-in sports centers in the GTA. He set out to answer the question ‘why do people have trouble playing sports when they are surrounded by them?’

    “I co-founded Javelin Sports in March 2017 with a friend from university.” explains Justin “We wanted to remove the hassle involved in getting active. So, we made an app, called Javelin, that you can download to find sports leagues and pick-up games in your area.”

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Where we are at now.

     Now Javelin has grown to help 1,000s of sport players in the GTA. “The longer we’ve spent working in the sports industry, the more we realized how many people feel our problem. We’ve been expanding our service so we now also help amateur leagues and office sports groups stay organized.”

   When asked about his plans for the future of Javelin, Justin laughed “I have no clue where this is going to go. We’re committed to helping our players get active however we can. So, I guess we’re going wherever they take us.”

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