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Why you should bring sports into your office

Most people know the physical and mental benefits of playing sports, but why should you play sports at your workplace?


For starters, playing sports with your coworkers can be a great team-building activity. It's an easy way to start conversations and allows your team to get to know each other better!

In fact, studies have shown that playing sports can also improve teamwork, productivity, and concentration levels.


Our Mission

We found that as we grow older, we start to play sports less and less. Our lives get busier, games become harder to setup, and our schedules just don't match with everyone else's.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

That's why we created Javelin.

Here at Javelin, we strive to build a community full of sports lovers, athletes, and enthusiasts. We designed our app to make it easy to setup games, find a place to play at, and just get playing.

Sports should be fun, not difficult.

We hope that you share the same sentiment as us and join our journey to building the best sports community ever!

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