Frequently asked questions

League/Club Quesitons

How would Javelin help my sport league?

Javelin is a revolutionary tool which will make managing your league extremly easy. You can: - Communicate with team members -Add or remove players from the team roster -Create unlimited team events -Know who is attending with our sign in tool -Check scores and standings, easily update them -Manage tournaments

Can I communicate with my team?

Yes! The Javelin app allows you to mesage your team or players individually.

Is Javelin free?

There is a $10 set-up fee for leagues to pay every season

Can I view upcoming events on Javelin?

Yes, there is a calender on the home page which will show you your upcoming sporting events.

How do I set up my league/group on Javelin?

Contact us and we will send you all the informaiton you need.

My quesiton is not asked here

If you do not see your question on this page, you can go to the contact page and send us a direct message. We will reply within 24 hours!

Pick-Up Sports Questions

How can I find pick-up games to join?

To find pick-up games on the app, tap on the pick-up section in the bottom toolbar. Click on the sports group that interests you, and find a game to join or host your own.

What kind of sports are there?

Currently there are three groups to choose from. There is ultimate firsbee, soccer and basketball.

Do I have to pay?

The app is free for everybody to use. Anyone can join a pick-up game.

How do I direcet message people?

To direct message somebody in the group chat tap on their icon, and press the "Send a Message" button. You can manage all your direct messages in the Messages tab.

How does it work?

1. Select the pick-up group which interests you 2. Communicate with other players and join their pick-up games or start your own 3. Confirm a date, time, and place 4. Play