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Actionzone Indoor

480 Tapscott Road, Unit 3, Scarborough
Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball
Pricing Varies

Looking for a Court?

Are you on the hunt for a facility to play your next game? Maybe you're looking for a basketball court, or a volleyball court. Maybe a soccer field? Or a badminton court? Needless to say whatever sport you’re looking to play, we can guarantee you will find a facility for it on the Javelin Sports app!

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We’ve all been there before… wanting to play a quick game with some buddies, but need to secure the space first. So we set out on a long winding journey of searching online, getting overwhelmed with the number of options while also getting discouraged from the lack of information available for these facilities. This is where Javelin comes in. We ensure all facilities promoted on the app are of high rating, are clean and will guarantee a great game.

How to Book a Facility

First, ensure you have downloaded the Javelin app (available on both the App Store and Play Store), and proceed to checkout nearby facilities!
Choose the one you'd like, pay and you're set!

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