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Toronto Ultimate Club

Key Objectives

With Toronto Ultimate Club, Javelin helped:​


Players brought back to play safely in 2020 Fall


Events were set up for 16 teams from 1 club


Members were health checked (including coaches, parents, and players)


Health checks were processed

About Javelin

Javelin Sports is a startup that provides web and mobile league management solutions to help sports organizations improve their organization and communication. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Javelin Sports was able to help Toronto Ultimate Club with their new Health Check.

How Javelin Helps Toronto Ultimate Club

Toronto Ultimate Club is a non-profit organization responsible for organizing leagues and tournaments for over 3,500 members all-year round. This year Javelin helped them overcome some of their biggest hurdles including changing policies and health management. Some of Javelin’s unique solutions are:


TUC changed their offerings to suit a safe return from the COVID-19 pandemic. This involved implementing drop-ins into their programming which was made easier thanks to Javelin’s flexible services which allowed TUC’S new player requirements to integrate seamlessly with Javelin’s system.



As TUC began to offer new programming, Javelin helped them keep their players updated through in-app announcements and notifications in order to reduce confusion and ease transition.

Contact Tracing

In case of a sick player or a virus outbreak, Javelin provides a contact tracing report which lists the names of all participants who attended the event. These participants can then be notified of their potential health risk and take the necessary precautionary methods. 

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