24-7 UK Soccer Academy

24-7 UK Soccer Academy

Key Objectives

With 24-7 UK, Javelin helped:​


Players brought back to play safely in 2020 Summer


Events were set up for 91 teams from 4 clubs


Members were health checked (including coaches, parents, and players)


Health checks were processed

About Javelin

Javelin Sports is a startup that provides web and mobile league management solutions to help sports organizations improve their organization and communication. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Javelin Sports was able to help 24-7 UK Soccer Academy with their new Health Check.

How Javelin Helps 24-7 UK

As a soccer organization based in Oakland, California, 24-7 UK’s main challenges have been ensuring proper health and safety maintenance for all its players and safeguarding their organization’s liability in the case of an outbreak. Some of the unique solutions provided by Javelin include:

Health Screening

In order to ensure an efficient health screening process with an organization the size of 24-7 UK, Javelin implemented a unique top-down approach that encourages all players to check their health, reducing the amount of work that executives have to take on. This consists of Javelin firstly checking all organizers, coaches and lastly, athletes.


Waiver Customization

24-7 UK Soccer Academy is based in Oakland, United States. Javelin modified their club’s waiver specifically for the city of Oakland’s return to play guidelines.


Client Support & Compatibility 

Despite using a previous service to manage their teams, 24-7 UK was able to transition their coaches and parents into the Javelin system easily with aid from Javelin’s reliable customer care who provided education, quick communication, and resources.

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